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May 31, 2007


Cookware Hampshire

Your attention to detail and willingness to research things the rest of us would not think to question is tremendous. I hail from Lancaster and am all too familiar with the Lancashire 'Hot-Pot'. As your research points out, generally speaking is does tend to be a 'jumble of ingredients' with a potato topping. I shall go on to wow my fellow Lancastrians with my new found knowledge of the 'Hot-Pot'. Many thanks!


Canadian Cooking

This is such an interesting article. Here in Nova Scotia our hodge podge is very different. It is made of the first fresh young vegtables picked in spring, potatoes, squash, turnips, green beans, green onions. This are quickly simmered and then the first thick cream of cows and butter are poured onto the drained vegtables,and heated to thicken the sauce. No meat is used, and salt and pepper are used as seasonings. The result is delicious. The early spring here was called the Starving Time as the winter stores were running low or had long gone, and the crops from the garden were not ready yet.
This area, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia was settled by Germans in the 1700's and it thought that they, with the Scots, brought this dish with them.

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